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Your Song, Your Story

About the program:

Founded by Billy Libby, "Your Song, Your Story" is an innovative program that has proved rewarding for children who have encountered loss or trauma in their lives. This program is designed to help kids write and perform their very own song, regardless of their past musical experiences.

The process:

Through this interactive workshop, children, as group or individually, take part in creative exercises that facilitate the writing of lyrics and melodies. From there, kids explore the different types of music with which they identify, composing chords and rhythms to create a full song. Once the basic song structures are established, each song is then rehearsed, performed, and recorded on site. After the workshop, the songs are arranged with instruments fitting to the style of each song, and they are sent back to the children as fully produced, professional recordings.

The result:

Whether the children choose to write about the challenges they face in their lives, or about something that makes them happy, they will have expressed themselves in a positive way, which helps kickstart the emotional healing process. Children will be exposed to the art of crafting music and the therapeutic value of artistic expression. On top of that, the children will be able to share their finished songs with friends and family.


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Photos (click to enlarge):

The Center for Grieving Children 2010, Portland, ME

Group shot Still writing!

America's Camp 2010, Hinsdale, MA

Writing a song Recording...quiet please!

Camp Erin Kona 2011

Singing a solo Billy playing the guitar The whole group Group close up


A brief promotional video for Your Song, Your Story, featuring photos, video and audio from The Center for Grieving Children, America's Camp, Point of Hope, Camp Erin Pittsburgh, PA and Kona, HI.

Footage from 'Walk a Mile in My Shoes', a multicultural program at the Center for Grieving Children


Article in Dispatch Magazine

"A musician from Maine has created an innovative outlet for children to express themselves. Your Song, Your Story is a program that Libby curated during his undergradute years at the University of Southern Maine that uses music, by way of songwriting, to help children heal." Read More...

Article in the Beaver County Times

"Singer/songwriter Billy Libby challenged 40 grieving teenagers to contribute phrases to a song they would create collectively. Verbally, the exercise failed. Few chose to participate. But Libby, a Maine native now based in New York City, encouraged the teens to pencil thoughts across paper before sharing them with the group." Read More...

Interview on "Exploring Maine Music" Podcast of Dispatch Magazine

"This week we explore past and present musical accomplishments of Portland musician Billy Libby as well as take a look at his plans for the future. Our discussion will include three works from Billy including an older track from his first band Even All Out, a song from his upcoming album "Pitter Patter" and even a song from his next album beyond that." Find out more...

Radio Interview on WMPG

Get Involved!

If you are interested in organizing a workshop, or would like more information about "Your Song, Your Story," please send Billy an e-mail to